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So! Veld and Marco (right?) Are going to be leading the getting rid of that whole nasty pile of corpses thing. Veld is sensitive to people who want special funeral arrangements made (burials, vrs cremation, buried at sea, etc) though he will have to deal with... a lot of work. As an aside, sorry I've been MIA recently.

I'll make a log post as soon as I can, and ALSO does anyone still want a fight club? OOC or not, it's a fun thing.

Dec. 30th, 2010

Oh heeeeeey.


These muses of ours need to get productive if they're to survive.

So it's time for some good volunteer work!

Volunteer your character here if you want them to help out.

GROUP 1: Food and Water.
To find food and water, duh. Mainly for people who can cook food without burning anything.

GROUP 2: Scavenging.
Y'all get to dig around in the ruins and find whatever possible that can be useful. Mainly medical supplies. And weapons. And cars. And booze.

GROUP 3: Camp.
This here island doesn't have buildings anymore, so there needs to be shelter! Pitch in and build something at the very least. Also the group for the injured and any sort of healer.

GROUP 4: Gravediggers.
Group 4 gets to cremate the bodies. Yaaay!


Hey, sup. So since there are a few birthdays coming up, specifically Roll and Xanth's, Jinx will be throwing a drunken party full of booze, any illegal drugs he can find, and the closest thing he can find to strippers. That's right, Jinx knows how to fucking party.

So the point of this post is to ask who is coming. Jinx isn't going to let out any of the details until everyone arrives as to not scare people off. 8Db Also, Roll and Xanth may be surprised because fuck yeah surprise party! 8Db



So while everyone is off getting maimed in Carnival, Zeke and Renna are going to have a spontaneous wedding. (Tomorrow if we have the time).

Are there any characters on board who can recite the wedding vow things or whatever. (YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT FFF /lame).

Who, you know, isn't getting maimed in Carnival?

There will be cake afterward! (Though most of it will be demolished because Zeke and Renna are probably going to end up throwing it at each other and everyone else. You know it's bound to happen).


Ever since she first died, Yuna's wanted to learn how to fight and properly defend herself. Ever since the incident with the cardinals, she's wanted to learn how to fight so she can actually be useful in battle (since she can't summon while she's here :Ub) instead of always having to rely on other people to protect her. The only issue is that she has no goddamn idea how to fight properly, so she'd kind of need someone to show her what to do.

So. Anyone want to teach her to grow some balls fight? Anyone at all? 8D???


So, Sarea and Mikaela decided to have a sleepover a few weeks ago, but it never came to fruition because lol, cardinals.

So they're gonna do it now, this weekend barring more scary birds. Mikaela and Rea have been setting things up for a few days :3

Rea-mun, how did we want to set it up? Like a party log/action spammy type thing in the log comm where everyone can tag each other?

ALSO ALL LADIES OF THE BOAT ARE INVITIED and boys will be shut out but I personally am not against a raid |D

This is for science...

House wants to die. More importantly, House wants to die to test the system. So there'll be a post going up either tonight or tomorrow, depending on how lazy I'm feeling, asking what the system is exactly.

If someone tells him it's Mother and she's in Carnival, he'll want to go meet her. SO WHO WANTS TO GO TO CARNIVAL WITH HOUSE AND HIS CANE GUN? HUH HUH HUH? COME OOOOON. YOU KNOW YOU WANNA.
Oh dear. It looks like someone kicked the wumpbee nest when he went and killed Maia. Now he's got people who want to kill him, or who are willing to help the people who want to kill him.


I plan on doing an open commentlog soon, but before I do, it's probably a good idea to get all my ducks in a row. Phoenix is going to be on the run soon, but I need to know:

-- Who is actively out to kill Phoenix?
-- Which characters are willing to help them?
-- Which characters are willing to help Phoenix instead?
-- Does anyone specifically want their character to be the one to catch him and turn him over to Maia and/or Harley?

And last but not least...

-- Is there anyone who'd be willing to save him?

That's right, I don't want Phoenix to die. Roughed up, beaten up, tortured, etc., that's fine, but in the end I want him to live. Anyone able and willing to go toe to toe with a Dark Eco Sage and her crazy, psychotic friend? :3
So, Roman has offered to torture our characters and I want in on it! I can't help it, the offer is just too good to pass up! However, I have two muses that I can't decide between throwing at him, as they haven't been tortured enough in the last week+.

So, there's Talia and Chrissie (as harley has her own stuff going on right now). I would do both, but honestly, I want to be able to keep up with the tags. :|

So, pros and cons ..

Talia: Empath. Ability to lash out with her Gifts, that she reaaaaaaaaally doesn't like using. Also, she will certainly be calling out pretty quickly for aide (if she's able). If she's caught off guard and knocked out, then it'll be MUCH easier to get ahold of her. She is trained in physical combat, though far slighter in build than Roman. Snatching Talia will have Kevas, Vanyel and likely Remy on his ass pretty damn quickly.

Fun things about Talia: this would be CERTAIN to trigger her, as she was tortured et al before arriving on the boat. She can use her empathy to try to get help, but she can't project words. Although, Vanyel would be able to find her pretty damn fast with a sweep of the boat, unless she's kept incapacitated. Although .. the fact that it would be torture and horrible triggering post traumatic stuff is AWESOME. I'm also horrid and know full well that she and Kevas are just coming to terms with their feelings for one another and the idea of having them torn asunder and having him fucking berserk and flipping everything on the boat is .. awesome. :3

Chrissie: No gifts of any kind whatsoever. She has no physical fighting abilities and could only resort to scratching, biting, flailing sort of things. The fact that she is dwarfed by Roman appeases me, let alone that she will be violated in any number of ways. :| Erik will flip two WHOLE tits if she's snatched, as will Raoul. Both are swordsmen, but human. However, there is also Zee, the mighty android, that will likely take offense to her being taken.

She would only have her communicator to reach anyone with, and Roman's posts. Otherwise, her whereabouts would be unknown until she is rescued/released/killed.

I'm kinda open to either character dying, although moreso with Talia than with Chrissie. Mainly because Chrissie is likely to become vampire bait to Diva/Aoife (and/or both) and I don't wanna black eye her. So .. brutally horrible things to Chrissie .. brutal torture and death for Talia.

Buuuuuuuuut .. I dunno who!! I can genuinely have a good horrible time with either, but need input! WHOM SHALL I TORTURE?!?!?! HALP ME, MY BOAT COMPATRIOTS!!

Poll #1643866 Who should Roman get to play with? :D

Who should Roman get to torture?! :D


This? Again?

Sooooooooooooooo guess what?

Reno is actually not that good with a gun, well. Okay. He's decent. Decent enough to know how to work one and how not to shoot himself with one and he's pretty okay at hitting what he aims for.

Is this good enough for him?

Heck No. Not when the last thing they fought was airborne. He also needs to work on that whole using materia thing, just a little.

In exchange he can teach how to fight with a stick, and if you're a magically-inclined character we can think about materia maybe.


Okay, I know some of you guys have chars that can use magic to heal. I need someone to magic or otherwise-quickly heal up Marco so he's more mobile before Shit Hits the Fan again (also its boring playing him stuck in one place). So, pls help? He can still be found on deck 17, at least until I have him move and get lost somehow.
Zelda has offered healings. Other CR is still good. I hope to put up an open log with him tonight.

Also in general I'd like more CR with him, but will hopefully be trying to get him out more once he's better \o/

there is no reason for the icon, i just picked randomly


SO. Phoenix kind of shot Maia in the gut, and she used up the remainder of her strength to teleport herself somewhere else on the ship. So now, she's on the ground on some random deck (we can work out exactly where later), bleeding out, and in a ridiculous amount of pain. (It's about damn time she got what was coming to her. <3)

What I need is someone to come find her and help her, or for someone to come find her and take her to someone who can help her. The issue with that, though, is that Maia isn't going to make it easy for whoever finds her.

Maia doesn't plan on letting anyone help her until she goes back to the library, because (and this may be of interest to people from Jak's world) Maia left all of her notes in there. At this point, Maia knows she'll come back if she kicks the bucket, again, but if someone ends up taking all of the notes she's made while on the Elegante...well. Yeah. That's it for them.


So yes! If you want your character to find and deal with Maia, tell me so and we can work something out! :>


Torn has dibs on finding Maia's notes in the library, which means whoever finds Maia won't be finding them. Someone is going to be very, very angry when she recovers. 8C <3


Harley will be finding Maia.


Karis is going to be refitting her weapons and quietly mourning. Yeah, the zombie is moping and being totally ridiculous. Anyone want to bother her?

Mai will be hanging out and practicing with her knives. Also making sure Zuko doesn't do anything stupid, but that might be a lost cause.

Alita will be quietly preparing herself for whatever is coming up. And maybe hanging out with the tachikoma.


Okay so I guess I should post here.

Uhhhhh I have Link here and you want CR with him, right? Come on, you know you do. You ache for it. You bleed for it. It's your very meaning for living.

Anyway, yeah. Idk. LAST-MINUTE CR Link likes to make friends and he could use some cheering up, idk if he's been actually HAPPY on this boat for longer than a week yet ever. Also I guess he could use some kid friends too since he doesn't have very many of those.

So.... yeah.....

{{ CR Plotting Meme }}

My, my, my! It seems that many of you have taken it upon yourselves to make use of this little community to get some CR! Many apologies for missing the CR Meme lovies. In the interests of stemming the flood of CR request posts, here's the meme!



Briefly fill out the following information for each character you wish to participate with. Be sure to include their name in the subject line of your comment!

YOUR NAME // CONTACT: (Your name and AIM, email, and/or other contact info)

CHARACTER NAME: (Your character's name!)

CANON: (Fandom name here, or "Original Character")

BACKGROUND: (One paragraph MAXIMUM describing your character's background)

FAILBOAT LIFE: (What have they been up to on board?)

IDEAS: (Have any ideas of things you want to do with your character? Looking for a new best friend for them? Want a comrade to brave the dangers of Carnival with? Let us know here!)

See a character you'd like to have yours interact with? Have an idea for someone else? Reply to their comment and let the brainstorming begin!

Originality Winner goes to ME


Inuyasha is bored. WANNA PLOT WITH A HALF-DOG-DEMON? He's FRIENDLY! Sort of. AND HE DOESN'T BITE! Usually...

And AMELIA . She's a total cat. You'd love her. Go play with er. Try and make her call herself captain for AWESOME RESULTS.

Katara has a bit of derp to finish up /eyeballs cast/ buuuut otherwise she's open too. Water bendy-goodness.




Well since everyone else is doing it so will I! Yay peer pressure!

Kevas: After some much needed help the troll is finally getting over his past, even admitting everything he's done to the passengers. I'm all for people either supporting him through this or it coming around to bite him in the ass. Both will be fun. He's also pretty happy with himself for once in his life and is trying to keep it that way. Also he can fill that "big brother" role quite well, but it does take him longer to trust men than it does women.

Roland: He's a big bad mercenary, and while the guy does have a conscience, his team and himself comes first. Being an engineer, the guy likes building things, mostly things that kill people. Plus, now that he's armed, he wouldn't mind diving back into Carnival.

Have at them!

Who's a sheep?! *baaaaaaaaaaa*

So, jumping onto the bandwagon with everyone else, because I'm a great big sheep .. or lemming .. whatever, I just wanted to do one!

Chrissie will be living a sheltered life under the care of Raoul, Erik and Zee and talking to Toaster. I plan to have her killed most brutally (likely by Diva, but options are open at this point!) I'm pretty much open to anything and everything with her! :)

Harley is going to sex up Maia and Jinx .. Yeah, you read that right! :D Maybe together, maybe separately, but it's going to happen. She's got an arsonal of bombs that she's been working on, and she's been making them bigger and better. She's died once, but I'd be open to her dying again.. I'm rather terrible to my pups. XD Open to anything for her. :3

Talia is smitten with a certain troll and I'm def going to roll with it. She hasn't died, although she's been rather beaten up. I'd be open to the right thing happening at the right time; so if you have an idea, toss it at me! :D I'm open for anything and everything for her. She also has those healing brain powers, so if ya need yer head fixed, c'mon down!

tl;dr I'm open for anything and everything for all of my pups!

*Jumps on bandwagon why not*

I know I've been semi MIA lately but that's mainly because of playing Fable 3 on top of school/work so I SHOULD BE AROUND MORE NOW THAT I BEAT IT 8D;;;; 

I'm up for basically anything with Sarea but I'd really like her to actually crack and get upset about her brothers all being dead somehow. Cause usually she's the strong one that doesn't react to anything and... idk, having her crack would prob be fun?

Like I said I'm up for anything though and I'd love to have her interact with both people she knows and people she doesn't know, so :3


EDIT: ALSO would totally love to, as I've said, have her get in a fight or get SOMEHOW even SLIGHTLY romantically involved with someone cause I've never really managed to have that happen while I've been on board now or before (Rolo and Ama don't count 8| )

Yet another person hops on the bandwagon!

Since everyone else is begging for last minute CR, I'll do it too. |D Xanxus always needs more CR anyway.

I'm pretty much up for anything and everything at this point. I would prefer CRing with new people, but hey, I'm totally up for continuing existing CR. That's always fun, too!

I'm too lazy to sum Xanxus up myself this time around, so. HAVE THIS WIKI LINK INSTEAD. Hit me up if you're interested in plotting with this cranky assassin~

PS: Is it wrong that I want Xanxus to have sex with someone?


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